Imprinted Balloons

Imprinted Balloons

Imprinted balloons are custom-made balloons with certain client requirements. They offer a platform for personalized service delivery and are mostly used when corporate and individuals alike want to be specific in their message delivery.
Imprinted balloons have a wide spectrum of uses some of which include: company parties, incentives, educational awards, political campaigns sales promotions, parties and weddings.
Before everything, a screen has to be made from the clients’ artwork and there after it is exposed on a fabric screen that is coated in an emulsion that is photosensitive. The balloons are then inserted in a slot instantly inflating them. The screen compresses the balloons and a squeegee is passed across effectively imprinting the balloon on all sides.
Advantages of using imprinted balloons
Their uniqueness. These types of balloons are rare in their nature because that are made according to customer specifications. This is a vital aspect especially because the customer, in which case could be a company wanting to have its logo imprinted in the balloon), wants to stand out and have no other party using the prints
They require protection. Imprinted balloons are artistic in nature and therefore are guarded against instances of forgery for all materials submitted are accepted after all laws concerning copyright, trademark, and patent right and all other similar productions.
Disadvantage of imprinted balloons
Potentially time consuming. Imprinted balloons involve a straineous and keen process of coming up with a camera artwork, and then imprinting the ink onto the balloons. Companies would need to exercise a great deal of patience before exploring the imprinted balloon option.
They are costly. These are expensive considering that the imprints being done are unique to the clients and have to be custom-made specifically according to the customers’ needs. Since most companies’ policies are that once the balloons are imprinted they cannot be used again and presents a risk factor to the company which the charge on to clients.

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Balloons Create Impact

Balloons Create Impact

Hit the traffic magnet jackpot with our ADVERTISING BALLOONS, ADVERTISING BLIMPS AND ADVERTISING INFLATABLES! If you are thinking of enhancing the sales figures of your brand/ product, it’s time to think of creative ways to get noticed. Ever thought of using advertising balloons or an attractive advertising blimp to market your brand? Advertising inflatables are high impact promotional tools that would surely help YOU to get noticed in a crowded market where brands are fighting to grab attention.

balloons - advertising balloons - latex balloons

Balloons for parties and events.

Our advertising balloons, blimps and inflatables come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes to attract customer attention! To catch the fancy of both young and old and depending on your product you can variously make use of the different kinds of advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables manufactured by us exclusively to suit your needs! You just have to install them at strategic points to make your brand stand out and make the customers fall in love with them. You can install advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables to attract attention in large fairs, trade shows, grand openings, shopping malls, swap meets, sporting events, circus, etc. Imagine the exposure you are to gain!

Got the idea? We assure you that the ‘GRAND SALES OPENING’ of your brand/product will be truly grand and a huge crowd puller! Now stop spending thousands of dollars on advertising that’s taking a toll on your company’s finances and opt for a pocket-friendly but high exposure advertising tool that guarantees ‘SUCCESS”.

For more information on Advertising BALLOONS, ADVERTISING BLIMPS AND ADVERTISING INFLATABLES call us today. Your company’s image is very important! We will ensure your company is projected in the most attractive way with our advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables!

Balloons For Every Budget

Call 1-800-791-1445 For Balloons Information!

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Balloon Balloons

Balloon Balloons

Balloons of all types and sizes at great prices!

balloons - latex and mylar helium balloons

Balloons Are Fun and Memorable! Great for parties, events and promotions.

 balloons - Time To Party Printed Latex Balloons

Click on photo to see a huge selection!

What do balloons, helium balloons,party balloons, giant balloons, mylar balloons, latex balloons, advertising blimps, advertising balloons, and advertising inflatables all have in common? When it comes to fun and a memorable experience they can place you above the rest.

All types of balloons can be fun, entertaining, cost effective and produce good value for your hard earned dollars.

Balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes from small enough for a child to carry to 30 feet which is large enough to be seen from quite a distance. They can be tethered to a building or location or grouped around a special product or promotion. The smaller balloons cost pennies and are very effective for branding your product and your company or creating a fantastical atmosphere!
We’ve all seen the large advertising blimps floating through the sky presenting their message load and clear. How often do you see people stop and look up, or even when they are driving you’ll see them glance up. That’s because advertising blimps get peoples attention. Constructed from heavy duty polyurethane they are either kept afloat with helium. They can float or be tethered to a secure structure. They come in sizes ranging from 11 feet to 30 feet. Big party or event?? If you want your advertising blimps to get noticed go Big!

Advertising inflatables are really just another name for advertising blimps or advertising balloons. They are available in the traditional balloon design and they are also available in what is referred to as dynamic advertising inflatables. These inflatables dance, jump, and bounce around so getting the attention of potential customers is pretty easy!

Giant advertising balloons, advertising inflatables, and advertising blimps are going to get your company and your product noticed. The message they present is entirely up to you. Looking for brand recognition? Want to brand your company name? Have a new product or a terrific promotional sale you’d like to advertise?

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